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COVID-19 Resources

Stay informed with the latest Title IV and Tax updates.


After the COVID-19 pandemic affected students' education and institutions' operations alike, the past months have seen a flurry of new laws,
programs and announcements by governments and regulatory bodies. These developments have a major impact on Title IV aid, financial statements and far more. Check out these resources for a primer on the most important programs and processes for institutions.

Closing the Books on 2020: CARES Act Accounting and Projecting Composite Scores

As we approach the end of 2020, many postsecondary institutions have significant accounting milestones in the near future. But there are key changes from this summer that institutions must keep in mind, including how the revamped Borrower Defense to Repayment (BDTR) regulations affect the Composite Score Ratio.

The Institutional HEERF Grant Reporting Rundown

No tricks and not exactly a treat: The initial reports for the institutional portion of the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) grants are required just before Halloween on Oct. 30, 2020.
Institutions cannot delay in preparing and posting these reports, but with this being the first round of reporting, there are nuances and questions to sort through. That’s why we’re happy to offer up our experts during a free, informative webinar, “The Institutional HEERF Grant Reporting Rundown.”

Do’s and Don’ts with HEERF Institutional Funds

The Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund is a lifeline for institutions, but the grants must be used in very particular ways.

Posting HEERF Information to Your Website

The reporting requirements for HEERF participants include seven important pieces of information to share on an institution’s website.

Questions Asked & Answered: Paycheck Protection Program

PPP loans are keeping small businesses afloat. These are the big questions on how to calculate, use and track these funds.

Title IV Compliance Amid COVID-19

Remember the roadmap for Title IV compliance at the start of the year? Throw it out the window.

As it has in nearly every aspect of our society, COVID-19 rewrote the rules for postsecondary education institutions. Seemingly not a week goes by without a new announcement regarding Title IV aid — and with those updates come more questions.


Accounting for the CARES Act

McClintock & Associates discusses the most important programs created by the CARES Act. Learn how to record the receipt, disbursement and how to track all of the funds from these programs.


Still completely free, we'll just ask you a few questions before you get on your way with your newfound resources.

Understanding R2T4

Download this series of example R2T4 forms and learn how you should treat your Title IV funds when a student withdraws from a credit-hour program. Complete with real-world examples and calculations, you'll be on the fast-track to knowing how to calculate R2T4 efficiently and correctly.

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Implementing HEERF At Your Institution

The Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund provided much needed support to institutions in need – but only if they know how to correctly leverage it. Download these example Section 18004 Student Application & Acceptance forms, as well as an 18004 Reporting Template for your institution.

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For more information on COVID-19 disruptions and other issues related to the crisis, feel free to reach out to McClintock & Associates, or visit our COVID-19 updates page.